Meaning of Dreams

Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams


Dreaming Walnut

To dream that call us in dreams unable to specify where to call us portends a very loved one is in serious danger. To dream that you hear our name indicates a person close helpless and need our support. Write it is indicative of commitments that we will be involved. […] Read more »


Dreaming Inconsistencies

The best we can deal with inconsistencies dreams is to seek a relationship with a real object in them. Dreaming of inconsistencies basically shows that our mind lives seeking new solutions and looking further afield where they can live freely. Overall dream inconsistencies mean our desire to realize Read more »


Dreaming Alphabet

If you see a sign with the alphabet, talks about overcoming desires and the need to improve. If you see the word alphabet talks about new possibilities and possible solutions to problems that arise. If we see the alphabet but the words are not in the normal order, he speaks […] Read more »


Dreaming Paladin

If you’re the champion talks about possible successes in professional and asensos plane. If you see the paladin and the whole company, talks about great new business profits. If we see a champion died in a war, we are about to lose a major business. If we see the paladin […] Read more »


Dreaming Shades

Dreaming of a disturbing and dark shadow spells concerns. You may go through a long period of failures and complications. To dream of walking with your partner in the shade, is ominous, announces separation due to the death of one of them. asombrace dream that announces the end of a […] Read more »


Dreaming Orifice

Dreaming of a hole or hole in the ground is hidden in his life, not even respects you. know, also runs the risk that criticize him and his reputation goes wrong stop. If you dream it approaches the hole or hole and notes background, without falling, means you will be […] Read more »


Dreaming Novitiate

blowing entering a novitiate or monastery and closes the passage a priest indicates that you can not enjoy rest nor tranquility because its affairs or business are wrong, and we must devote more attention and effort. A young woman dreaming in a novitiate indicates your personality and honesty are su Read more »


Dreaming Cobia

I dreamed with a dry pejepalo is harbinger of problems, disappointments and difficulties at work. If in the dream we are eating pejepalo is a sign of economic stability, however, if we feel bad sleep is a sign of possible illness for the dreamer. When we dream we are buying […] Read more »


Dreaming Excesses

If we have too much wealth and share with others, this dream augurs multiply our income but we also multiply the support we provide to others. If we see others have excesses of fortune, perhaps we will have a very good run in love and we could meet that person […] Read more »


Dreaming Opossum

Dreaming while you see a possum, may mean that something that seemed important, might not be. You need to delve too deeply anxiety to find well the meaning of a situation or circumstance. Read more »