Meaning of Dreams

Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams


Dreaming Elders

If you dream elderly and they are alive, it means you’re going to succeed in work. Dreaming of elders, sometimes means we have insecurities and fears and we need to count someone of experience and wisdom, to advise us and we acurrequen. If we dream we talked to them, it’s […] Read more »


Dreaming Jurist

blow suddenly finding a lawyer suggests that the environment in which we live there are intriguing tricks seeking to dispossess and harm the dreamer, why take precautions. Dream to a lawyer within a tavern suggests that the enemies of the dreamer will rely on dirty tricks to complicate their affairs Read more »


Dreaming Belly

If you see a well-defined stomach speaks of the need to continue working towards our goals. If we show our belly possibly others tend to be very vain people. If you see a belly with sickly talks about potential problems in the family. If you look sunken belly portends problems […] Read more »


Dreaming Walnut

To dream that call us in dreams unable to specify where to call us portends a very loved one is in serious danger. To dream that you hear our name indicates a person close helpless and need our support. Write it is indicative of commitments that we will be involved. […] Read more »


Dreaming Lavatorio

A young woman dreams of a sink bath hints that naturally tends to frivolous amusements and unwise. blowing bathing in a sink indicates intimate satisfaction of himself, so it can venture into issues or major corporations such as social relationships, business, etc. Dreaming of a sink can mean the ne Read more »


Dreaming Inconsistencies

The best we can deal with inconsistencies dreams is to seek a relationship with a real object in them. Dreaming of inconsistencies basically shows that our mind lives seeking new solutions and looking further afield where they can live freely. Overall dream inconsistencies mean our desire to realize Read more »

City Hall

Dreaming City Hall

An old, dilapidated town hall symbolizes an antiquated condition of life and thought. A municipality that sink symbolizes the collapse of the ideals and principles themselves. See dream a beautiful town hall, usually omen of an upcoming, pleasant and very likely fruitful trip. If the council appears Read more »


Dreaming Novitiate

blowing entering a novitiate or monastery and closes the passage a priest indicates that you can not enjoy rest nor tranquility because its affairs or business are wrong, and we must devote more attention and effort. A young woman dreaming in a novitiate indicates your personality and honesty are su Read more »


Dreaming Neglect

If dreamed that he is neglecting one of his boss or someone powerful, signficaría we would release its domain and we would feel more independent and better about ourselves. If your dream is neglected by her partner, mean that feels liberated and away from your domain. However if one omits […] Read more »


Dreaming Pool

If the water in the pool is clean and fresh, we sponsor at last our losing streak is over and from now things will get better. If we dream we see a completely dry sink, he speaks of great economic losses. If you’re thirsty and drink from a pool you […] Read more »