Meaning of Dreams

Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams


Dreaming Inconsistencies

The best we can deal with inconsistencies dreams is to seek a relationship with a real object in them. Dreaming of inconsistencies basically shows that our mind lives seeking new solutions and looking further afield where they can live freely. Overall dream inconsistencies mean our desire to realize Read more »


Dreaming Name

To dream that call us in dreams unable to specify where to call us portends a very loved one is in serious danger. To dream that you hear our name indicates a person close helpless and need our support. Write it is indicative of commitments that we will be involved. […] Read more »


Dreaming Narrow

If the dream is narrowing to a very ugly woman, announces diseases and concerns. If you dream you try to shake someone and away, means to be separated or divorced. If you dream that your husband / wife is narrowing to another / a, announces future infidelities. If you shake […] Read more »


Dreaming Lavatorio

A young woman dreams of a sink bath hints that naturally tends to frivolous amusements and unwise. blowing bathing in a sink indicates intimate satisfaction of himself, so it can venture into issues or major corporations such as social relationships, business, etc. Dreaming of a sink can mean the ne Read more »


Dreaming Fridge

Blow with a fridge full symbolizes that our financial affairs are going well. Being an appliance used to store food symbolizes our ability to maintain stability at home and also represents the ability to maintain strong family ties. If the dream of a well-supplied and neat fridge reveals the good [& Read more »

City Hall

Dreaming City Hall

An old, dilapidated town hall symbolizes an antiquated condition of life and thought. A municipality that sink symbolizes the collapse of the ideals and principles themselves. See dream a beautiful town hall, usually omen of an upcoming, pleasant and very likely fruitful trip. If the council appears Read more »


Dreaming Manure

If in our dream we see manure indicates good luck in business and new revenue. If we like manure may soon give us an inheritance. Holding manure tells us that we are too interested in the economic world and we are missing a lot. Disparaging manure talks about upcoming economic […] Read more »


Dreaming Alphabet

If you see a sign with the alphabet, talks about overcoming desires and the need to improve. If you see the word alphabet talks about new possibilities and possible solutions to problems that arise. If we see the alphabet but the words are not in the normal order, he speaks […] Read more »

Last Name

Dreaming Last Name

To dream of our name either heard or written, indicates that you are trying to contact someone, or make new friends. To dream that you call us otherwise, ie with a different own name indicates that we are not entirely satisfied with our attitude and there are aspects of our […] Read more »


Dreaming Belly

If you see a well-defined stomach speaks of the need to continue working towards our goals. If we show our belly possibly others tend to be very vain people. If you see a belly with sickly talks about potential problems in the family. If you look sunken belly portends problems […] Read more »