Meaning of Dreams

Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams


Dreaming Parish

To dream that looks a parish from outside, it means it has set an important goal. could also mean that expect to recover a very important relationship for you. If you have problems you will find the necessary support to succeed. To dream that stroll admiring the treasures of a […] Read more »


Dreaming Jurist

blow suddenly finding a lawyer suggests that the environment in which we live there are intriguing tricks seeking to dispossess and harm the dreamer, why take precautions. Dream to a lawyer within a tavern suggests that the enemies of the dreamer will rely on dirty tricks to complicate their affairs Read more »


Dreaming Opossum

Dreaming while you see a possum, may mean that something that seemed important, might not be. You need to delve too deeply anxiety to find well the meaning of a situation or circumstance. Read more »


Dreaming Name

To dream that call us in dreams unable to specify where to call us portends a very loved one is in serious danger. To dream that you hear our name indicates a person close helpless and need our support. Write it is indicative of commitments that we will be involved. […] Read more »

City Hall

Dreaming City Hall

An old, dilapidated town hall symbolizes an antiquated condition of life and thought. A municipality that sink symbolizes the collapse of the ideals and principles themselves. See dream a beautiful town hall, usually omen of an upcoming, pleasant and very likely fruitful trip. If the council appears Read more »


Dreaming Belly

If you see a well-defined stomach speaks of the need to continue working towards our goals. If we show our belly possibly others tend to be very vain people. If you see a belly with sickly talks about potential problems in the family. If you look sunken belly portends problems […] Read more »


Dreaming Undertake

If you dream that travel undertaken completely inhospitable and unknown places, means you have very dangerous enemies. You can also announce that suffer an illness. If you dream that takes a trip to a mountainous place where the mountains are green and fertile soil, means that fortune will smile and Read more »


Dreaming Manure

If in our dream we see manure indicates good luck in business and new revenue. If we like manure may soon give us an inheritance. Holding manure tells us that we are too interested in the economic world and we are missing a lot. Disparaging manure talks about upcoming economic […] Read more »


Dreaming Numerator

If there is another person who has it and can not use it possibly have the opportunity to help someone else to solve a problem. Use a numerator but have another mathematical tool like a computer or calculator tells about the great effort we are doing at work but unfortunately […] Read more »


Dreaming Pool

If the water in the pool is clean and fresh, we sponsor at last our losing streak is over and from now things will get better. If we dream we see a completely dry sink, he speaks of great economic losses. If you’re thirsty and drink from a pool you […] Read more »